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Have you tried Osteria Mozza at Hilton Orchard?

Mozza Osteria

We all know Singapore is a food haven, so how do you know where and what to eat when you have so much choice? Although this article will not list all the great eateries in Singapore, it will give you a slice of the best pizza on Orchard Rd. Introducing a new range of flavours to the menu, Osteria Mozza has great burgers and pizzas that will have you coming back for more.

Nestled within the vibrant culinary scene of Hilton Orchard lies a hidden gem, Osteria Mozza, where gastronomic delights meet the artistry of pizza-making amongst other things. The Osteria Mozza promises an unforgettable journey through the flavours of this Cal-Italian cusines. The One-MICHELIN-Starred restaurant by renown Celebrity chef Nancy Silverton excites us with her newly created Pizza Flavours and Exclusive Beef Burgers. 

Osteria Mozza review

Where is Osteria Mozza?

Osteria Mozza is located at the Hilton Orchard, a prime destination in the heart of Singapore, which can be found at 333 Orchard Rd, Level 5, Singapore 238867.

Opening hours: Lunch time 12pm to 230pm daily

Evenings: Monday to Friday 3pm to 1030pm and Saturday to Sunday 5pm to 1030pm

osteria mozza

Savouring Tradition:

At Osteria Mozza, tradition intertwines seamlessly with innovation. The centrepiece of this restaurant would have to be the pizza oven, where the amazing team orchestrates a symphony of flavours with finesse. This meticulously crafted oven is the heart and soul of the kitchen, imparting an authentic taste to each creation.

Why is the new added menu so special?

On Chef Silvertons latest visit she created new flavours for the wood-fired pizza along with an exciting burger collaborated with Chef Dave Pynt of Burnt Ends.

osteria mozza

What is my impression of Osteria Mozza?

From the moment you step into Osteria Mozza, you are enveloped in an ambience of warmth and sophistication. The menu celebrates the rich culinary heritage of Italian California, featuring an array of antipasti, homemade pasta, and, of course, the star of the show—artisanal pizzas.

Indulge in the classics, such as the Margherita pizza, where simplicity reigns supreme with San Marzano tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, basil, and extra virgin olive oil. For the adventurous palate, it’s time to explore unique creations like the BLT. As each pizza emerges from the oven, the aroma of freshly baked dough and savoury toppings fill the air, setting the stage for a culinary journey like no other.

What dishes are on the new menu?

New Wood-fired Pizzas

  • Croque Madame–Caramelized onions, fior di latte, fontina, prosciutto, thyme, egg and prosciutto cotto
  • BLT – Strips of crispy bacon, thinly-sliced pancetta, ultra tangy tomato confit and rucola greens, along with onion cream and aioli
croque madame pizza

Exclusive Dry-aged Beef Burgers

  • Osteria Mozza x Burnt Ends: Aged Shabu Smash Burger –Dry-aged smashed patty, dry-aged shabu shabu, Bew School American Cheese, mustard and pickles.
  • Sooner Smash Burger –Beef patties from the flat top grill with a mound of thinly sliced onion, topped with American cheese, yellow mustard and pickles
osteria mozza x burnt ends aged shabu smash burger

What I thought of the new menu

I understand how both burgers came out on top, but for me, the Sooner Smash burger ticked all the boxes. I am a traditional girl who sways towards the traditional roots of some flavours, and I have to say this burger played on my heartstrings a little.

With the pizzas, the Croque Madame was a little more up my alley. The caramelised onions and prosciutto won me over (prosciutto always does).

For the dessert lovers

Okay, so this is a hard one to decide what I loved best: the Rocky Road Gelato Pie (it sang for me on the menu), Rosemary Olive Oil cake, and Melon Sorbetto. I have a sweet tooth, so they were all amazing, but Melon Sorbetto, you really took it away with every bite!


I highly recommend trying one of their specialty signature cocktails. Although there are many to choose from on the menu, the Yu-Cu Frizante, with its Gin, Yuzu, cucumber, and sparking Pompelmo, is the most refreshing start to your culinary journey, especially in the Singapore heat.

What you should know about Osteria Mozza

Osteria Mozza’s first restaurant in Southern California is one of the very few Italian restaurants with a Michelin Star. Osteria Mozza seamlessly blends the allure of traditional rustic charm with the sophistication of contemporary style. As soon as you step through the entrance, you are welcomed into a warm and inviting atmosphere brimming with the excitement of an exceptional dining experience.

Who is Chef Silverton?

In 2014, Chef Silverton was awarded the prestigious “Outstanding Chef” title by the James Beard Foundation. Celebrity Chef Nancy Silverton was recognised as one of the Most Innovative Women in Food and Drink by both Fortune and Food & Wine magazines. In 2017, Chef Silverton was featured in an episode of Netflix’s acclaimed documentary series Chef’s Table.

The Mozza Restaurant Group operates Osteria Mozza, Pizzeria Mozza, Pizzeria Mozza, Pizzeria Mozza Newport Beach, Pizzeria Mozza in London, Chi Spacca, The Barish at the Hollywood Roosevelt, Pizzette and Mozza Baja at Costa Palmas in Los Cabos.

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