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Singapore gift ideas to take home in Christmas 2023


I am heading home to Sydney, Australia, for Christmas this year, and I have decided to take a little bit of Singapore with me. So I have been attending Christmas fairs, researching some shop ideas and doing a little shopping myself (I know it wasn’t easy, but someone had to do it) to bring you a great list of things to buy your loved ones this year. 

Whether you are an expat in Singapore or a visitor travelling through, here are some great Singapore gift ideas to take home this Christmas.


Gifts to take home this Christmas

Beautifully handpainted guest towels 

A handpainted guest towel is perfect if you are after a small item, a little bit of a souvenir, without being a souvenir. The handpainted Singapore-themed guest towels are so unique that there is something that suits everyone\’s taste. These guest towels are beautifully crafted, from gorgeous moody birdcages to bright and colourful flowers, and are the perfect gift for Xmas. 

Where to find them – Iggys Crafts Home and Living 


3 Tier Tiffin Boxes

There is nothing more “Singaporean” than a tiffin box; these beautifully decorated Singapore-inspired tiffin boxes are a must-have this year. With two designs – the bumboat or the Singapore skyline, either one would be a delight to own. With Colours of blue and white, the tiffin boxes are made of enamel and are 12x12x15 cm in size. 

Where to find them: Ginger Lily 


Pureland handpainted Tiles 

I know what you are thinking, “Why would you want to buy tiles as a Christmas gift?” “I am looking for some nice Christmas gifts, not decorating someone’s house”. But let me tell you, these tiles are simply beautiful and are the perfect little gift for those needing a little colour in their home. In addition, the tiles are a great accessory piece for wall art or ornament for a Singapore gift. All tiles are 10 x 10 cm handpainted glass ceramic tiles. 

Where to find them: Silk Walk


Singapore District Champagne Glasses

What better way to celebrate the Christmas season than with a bottle of bubbly? So why not make the season even more unique by gifting these wonderful fun champagne flutes especially marked with Singapore areas? Purchase one or collect them all! There are also wine glasses if Champagne isn’t your thing! You can purchase these Christmas gifts online or in-store. 

Where to find them: Lemongrass and Aubergine home deco 


Cute tiny Singapore and Disney-inspired kid’s clothes

Ahhh, we aren’t going to keep all the great ideas just for the adults, are we? So if you are looking for gift ideas in Singapore for the little ones, these little dresses, shirts and rompers are a must. It captures Singapore perfectly with a little Mickey Mouse and iconic Singapore tourist spots. The Mickey Go Local range comes in all different colours and sizes.

Where to find them: The Elly Store 


Belts with a difference

Helping Hands Penan is not technically Singaporean, but it is a great cause and worth mentioning. The Penan people, until recently, were found deep in the jungle of Borneo, living quite the nomadic life; now, these fantastic women are learning new skills and making great belts and bags in the meantime. The bags and belts are presents for Xmas. All articles are handmade and range in price. 

Where to find them: Craft Council of Singapore 


Singapore Posters

These beautiful posters are 50 x 70cm; you will find all the iconic places of Singapore that tourists love. However, these beautiful posters have more than what you could find in a souvenir shop; you have places like Macritichie and Tanglin. If locations aren’t your thing, check out the iconic chicken and rice or chilli crab posters for great gift ideas.

Where to find them: Eck & art


More fun for the kids

Are kids getting bored? Especially when it is time to eat? I love these little silicon colouring mats. You lay them down, Hand over some whiteboard markers, and away they go. There is no need to throw them away, as all you need to do is wipe them, roll them up and use them again later. 

Where to find them: Erda Ally


Singapore-Inspired Art

With such a lush green country, there is no shortage of beautiful flowers. Ekta Patodia from Creative Hut has some lovely Christmas presents for you to purchase this year. Her unique art form started as a watercolour painting and then was digitised and designed to appear in different products. These bold creations of the Tropical Botanicals of Singapore would be a great gift.

Where to find them: The Creative Hut by Etka Patodia


Memory Boards

This brand of accessories sells so many unique products that I couldn’t decide which one to mention. From beautiful Raffles trays to HBD coasters, this store has it all. Bright, colourful shophouses are found on placemats, unique tropical fauna on coasters or even on paperweights with gorgeous photos of Singapore. You might just get lost here with all the cute unique Christmas gifts.

Where to find them: Memory boards


A Singapore Christmas Delight

Kids love books, and what better way to bring something memorable from Singapore than with a book, especially for this time of year? This book is filled with many of Singapore\’s unique hidden treasures combined with some fantasy. The Emperor Attic is also filled with some interesting Christmas gift ideas for adults; with beautiful Merlion Decorations for the tree and Singapore Tropic Christmas cards, this place should be named the Emperor’s Little Treasures.

Where to find them: Emperors Attic


The most special Champagne bucket 

Champagne during the festive season seems a little more special; team it up with one of my favourite Singapore gift ideas this year. Singapore Trading Post Champagne bucket. There are a few to choose from; 

Here are a few of my favourites: The Majestic silver finish ice bucket holds up to 13 wine bottles (yes, you heard me right), the perfect addition to any Christmas day lunch. However, my favourite has to be the Original Trading post ice bucket which holds five wine bottles.

Cost: start at $S345 

Where to find them: Singapore Trading Post


Birds of Singapore

I couldn’t decide what I loved more; the amazing colourful birds on the cushion covers or the bird ornaments in fabulous colours. These products make me think of Raffles Hotel and its British Colonial style, which didn’t surprise me when I realised that is precisely where you can find these products. Whether you have seen them at the Metro, Raffles Arcade or directly from the Creatively Active Minds website, you can not fall in love with the many beautiful products they sell. 

Where to find them: Creatively Active Minds MetroRaffles Arcade


Christmas Ornament and table setting Ideas

Christmas Santas from around the world

These little Santas are now part of my collection, and I intend to purchase one from every place I have lived eventually. They are super cute and are a great reminder of Singapore (or anywhere you may have lived). While you are, there are other things like Singapore baubles and wine charms; The Christmas Santas are still my favourite. 

Where to find them: Iggys Crafts Home and Living 


Iconic Raffles Doorman

If you have been to Raffles, then you have seen the doorman. Isn\’t this the most iconic Singapore Christmas ornament of them all? Have him hanging on your tree, and anyone visiting Singapore will pick it up immediately. The Hand stitched Raffles Doorman is a must-have this Christmas.

Where to find it: A raft of otters

Table decorations 

Dressing your table at Christmas is one of my favourite things, every year my table colours change, new decorations are added and this year is no different. There are some beautiful napkin holders around; however, I found these little gems and some gorgeous napkins that are perfect for Christmas day.

Where to find it: Layard\’s Interiors

I hope that you and your loved ones have a wonderful Christmas where ever that is around the world. 


Thanks for taking the time to read my blog. I hope this post has given you the information you need. If you have any recommendations, tips or advice, I would love for you to share them in the comment section below!

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